In the Colombian mountains, our producers work hard in order to obtain the best quality coffees of our country. Specialty and varietal coffees that reach the worlds market with the best aroma and flavor of a 100% Colombian tradition.



In this type of coffee you can find shades of chocolate soaked in flavor. Grains offer a balanced acidity and soft sweetness that makes it a good flavor. This variety can be impregnated with other aromas and textures such as caramel, mint, Orange, raspberry, and even in this variety of coffee are common variations on the chocolate which gives it its unique flavor.

The globally recognized as the "champion of the varietal". For the experts, the Geisha is notable for its great sweetness, clean and bright taste, with notes ranging from red fruits and citrus to mango, Tangerine, bergamot, papaya and peach. Also is often to find notes of cocoa and cinnamon, but also fragrance of floral jasmine.

The highlights of this type of coffee is the great balance, with sweet and citrus, floral notes displayed greater way if the coffee is produced at high altitude. Commercially, by the size of the grain and quality of drink, this type has excellent acceptance in markets of specialty coffees and is recognized its quality with a better price.

This type of coffee stands out for its citrus and floral notes and great body.

This type of coffee has a citrus taste with notes to lima. Stands out in its flavor to chocolate and almond, and it has a acidity medium to high. Its taste is more marked as it increases the height at which it is grown. It is known for its complex acidity and its great balance.

This type of coffee has a citrus taste with notes to lima. Stands out in its flavor to chocolate and almond, and it has a acidity medium to high. It is known for its complex acidity and great balance. With regard to the drink, we have to say that the bourbon highlights by its quality between the rest of the varietals.

This is a type of Bourbon that is fairly round and comes in a variety of colors like pink. The Bourbon plant does not produce much and is not easy to harvest and process. Similar to the other types of bourbon has flavor citrus with notes to lima. Is a coffee very sought by its excellent acidity and balance.




Overall this type gives a good quality in the scale range, with bright acidity, medium body, very aromatic, floral notes and a sweet lower than the Bourbon.

The drink presents soft body and bitterness, but also a fragrance and acidity pronounced for degrees of roasting. Is a varietal very sensitive to the temperature. It has bitter notes manifested to dark chocolate. In the scale range is similar to the traditional varieties also produced in the region.

This variety of coffee has a high port resistant against the different deseases. This type has large size grains but its production is relatively low. This variety stands out for its bitter aroma, acidity and overall impression. The mixture of seeds in this variety ensures a great diversity of genetics making it a very unique variety of coffee.



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